1933 Trip to Italy

In 1933 my grandfather took his family to Italy to visit his wife Eva’s father. Her father had been a successful fruit vendor in the United States but through a series of complicated family events he ended up back in Italy on the farm in Bore.

I have not stabilized the film my grandfather shot, wanting to retain the original qualities, so be prepared for that. My mother used to complain about his shooting “technique”. I think he was just excited to be living his life the way he was-he couldn’t help it!

The itinerary, as written on the film boxes, is:
Leaving NYC – the Azores – Shoreline Naples (misty )- Nice-at Farm(Bore, Italy) – Feast Day-Gulio Milking Cow – At Milan Cathedral – At Fidenza Shopping – Eva & Dad – At Farm – Parma-Cemetary.


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