Lily Wells, Botanical Drawings

I’ve forgotten exactly how these came into the possession of my family. Both my mother and father were biology students in college (my father taught biology and chemistry) and grandfather studied art in Pennsylvania where Lily Wells is from…

There is very little biographical information on Lily and it appears there are seven or so sketchbooks in the possession of The University of Pennsylvania:

“Lily Wells was a member of the Naturalists Field Club of the University of Pennsylvania who painted the various flora of the northeastern and mid-Atlantic United States. This collection comprises seven sketchbooks of her botanical watercolors, plus one bound volume of seven individual watercolor plates.”

In any case these are wonderful drawings and paintings and I hate to have them unseen, so here they are.

Lily Wells 104.jpg

Most of these drawings were done around 1888:Lily Wells 113.jpgLily Wells 114.jpg

Lily Wells 123.jpg

Lily Wells 121.jpgLily Wells 122.jpg

Lily Wells 124.jpgLily Wells 125.jpg

Lily Wells 135 (3).jpgLily Wells 134.jpgLily Wells 135 copy 2.jpgLily Wells 135 copy.jpgLily Wells 135 (1).jpgLily Wells 133.jpgLily Wells 137.jpgLily Wells 140.jpgLily Wells 141.jpgLily Wells 142.jpgLily Wells 144.jpg

Lily Wells 130.jpg

Lily Wells 138.jpg

Lily Wells 139 (1).jpg

Lily Wells 127 (1).jpg


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