Leviathan, June 1928 Trip to Europe

From my grandfather’s second trip to Europe, by way of the Leviathan.

View of the city from the Leviathan, leaving N.Y.C.

post home post334.jpg


spencer on deck 710.jpg

“Tuesday June 19,1928
As I felt very tired and sleepy at breakfast time I did not bother to get up but dozed in my cot until half past eight when I got up and ate an orange. For some reason I do not seem to rest very well these nights but I do not feel over tired. I spent most of the forenoon looking up talent for the vaudeville show and consequently made the acquaintance of several young fellows and girls. I am getting so sunburned that my wrists and neck feel sore when touched and consequently do not dare to go to sleep in my steamer chair.
The dancing this evening was held in the social room because one leg of the piano is out of order and it cannot be taken out on deck.

sqire girls deux 1 703.jpg

I invited a Miss Sarah Squire and her sister Nancy to dance with me and had a fine time till eleven the orchestra quit playing. They are New York City girls of about sixteen who are traveling with their mother and a lady friend to their Paris home for the summer. During August they expect to take a bicycle trip in southern France. Retired about eleven thirty. Mr. Van Auken our room companion goes to bed very early and usually sleeps until we wake him about nine o’ clock.

passenger list leviathan647.jpgWednesday, June 20th
Awoke as usual to the sound of the tom tom at seven and went to breakfast on time. I seem to be able to take care of all that comes my way even to getting seconds. Walked on deck some and played games ’til eleven. Moving pictures were taken of the games on deck and it was fun for some. In the afternoon the Swiss fellow and I showed the Squire girls how to play shuffleboard. I reserved a table in the social hall after supper and George, Nancy, Sarah and I played bridge until about nine when we decided to try our luck at getting over to second cabin by way of the G deck passageway.

the gang 2   705.jpg

Quartet verso 215.jpg

We succeeded and then danced in the second class social hall. Met Mr. Clark there and his girl from first cabin and invited to an exchange of dances. Stopped dancing at eleven and then walked the deck ’til eleven fifteen. We succeeded in inducing George to try to dance and this made things ok for changing partners for each dance.
Arranged more completely for Thursday evening’s program. Got to bed shortly before midnight.”

sqire girls deux 2  704.jpg

Spencer onboard 213.jpg


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